The Getty Villa: A Homepage Redesign Concept

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The Getty Villa is a beautiful museum filled with art and architecture. I decided to redesign their homepage to push their collections to the forefront with the goal of drawing more visitors to their museum.


Visiting a museum is a very visual experience. You take your time looking at pieces of art one-by-one. Unfortunately, the museum’s current homepage doesn’t offer the same experience, leaving little breathing room between content. Images are constrained into boxes and the layout is short and compact.

In my redesign, I added white space between sections and allowed the placement of the visuals to fall naturally into the design. I also replaced the hero image with an attraction that they’re best known for—the Outer Peristyle and reflecting pool.

Web Design


Content strategy

The user goal I focused on was deciding whether or not to visit the museum. Questions to help answer that may include:

  • What is at the museum?
  • Where is it located?
  • When is it open?
  • What is the admission cost?

The Getty Villa’s homepage does a great job answering those questions on their homepage. Their hours of operation are above the fold with their attractions below. In my mockup, I used their homepage content and borrowed snippets from their other pages as well.

Information architecture

While I didn’t change any of the content, I did reorganize the navigation links. The website has three global navigations: top bar, primary navigation, and footer.

In my design concept, I wanted to keep the top section clean by only having the primary navigation below the logo. I moved the links from the top bar and placed them in the footer. Then, I categorized the links into three sections.

Information Architecture


The result is a redesign concept that feels more of an open invitation to their museum.

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