Developing User Personas for a Food App

UX Persona Development

I collaborated with other UX designers to develop personas for a mock company called LFTVRS. The company’s goal was to provide users with recipes using only the leftover and random ingredients in their kitchen.

We developed primary, secondary, and negative personas for the mock app. The primary and secondary personas would be used as a point of reference when designing new features or developing marketing campaigns.


Our strategy was to develop personas based on information we collected from in-depth interviews. This qualitative data would help us understand our target users and design features based on their goals, behaviors, and attitudes.


User Interviews

We selected and interviewed 12 participants who buy groceries and cook often. Interviews were 25 to 30-min long and conducted in person.

The objectives of these interviews were to understand:
  • Their attitude toward grocery shopping
  • Their grocery shopping habits
  • What they do with their leftover groceries
  • How they decide what to cook with their leftovers

Affinity Diagramming

Once we had our interview summaries, we extracted variables and characteristics we believed would surface similarities between our participants.

User Research

From here, we reviewed each participant and attributed behavioral attitudinal values to him or her.

Affinity Diagramming

In discovering patterns among our participants, our personas emerged.

UX Interviews
UX Personas