Self-pour with support

Brewport Tap House is a self-pour brewery where users can pay for beer by the ounce. The self-pour experience can be a little overwhelming for first-time users as it’s a lot more interactive than simply choosing from a menu and asking a server. It’s on users to decide which beer and how much of a beer they would like to sample, which could easily lead to decision fatigue. The objective of this design concept was to improve the beer selection process.

All about flavor

SurveyMonkey found 57% of people reported taste being the most important factor in choosing a beer. As for craft beers, Brewer’s Association found 99% and 94% of respondents considered flavor and freshness, respectively, as the top two factors. Knowing that flavor is the most important factor, it was important to include a description of the beer on the screen.

The result

Through competitive analysis and paper prototyping sessions, I produced a design that maximizes the real estate and places the details of the beer upfront and center by minimizing the size of the logo and key level indicator. The font size of the details demands user attention, and the succinct description makes it quick for users to read with the ultimate result of quicker and faster pours.